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Hi!  My name is Tera and I want to be your coach!

I’m a Canadian and Australian, living in the US and married to an Irishman!  You can expect to hear some funny words and a strange accent when we talk about your nutrition and health goals!

Having a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, I have always been interested in actions and reactions. So, I came to studying about nutrition and health through my own journey with being overweight, then getting into sports, becoming a serious competitor, getting injured and recovering.

With each new goal or challenge, I tried different approaches to eating and training but while some worked initially, I couldn’t find anything I could maintain.  Sound familiar?  If so, you’re in the right place!

That inability to stick with a program or routine led me to Precision Nutrition, where I started off as a client.  I had one goal, which was to stop focussing and thinking about food!  I achieved that, and so much more!  Today, through balancing eating well and exercising, along with my family and corporate job, I continue to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

Because of my positive experience, I first became a client-mentor for two years with Precision Nutrition and have since completed both my L1 and l2 certifications with the program!

Everyone has their own experience with food and exercise.  As your Coach, I’m here to work with you to identify your goals, create a plan to realise them, make your experience simple and support you throughout the year as life throws you some curve balls!  If I was able to do it – so can you!

My knowledge and experience, ability to adapt, communicate and organise are the superpowers I’ll be using to help you achieve your nutrition and health goals. I can’t wait for us to get started!!

– Coach Tera, Pn2

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